Torrington 1646 is an all weather educational facility for schools* that makes history fun! Travel back to the 17th Century with our costumed characters and experience life in Torrington during the English Civil War.

See how people lived, loved, laughed and lied their way through the English Civil War. Learn the secrets of the Herb Garden and the bum-roll. Wear the armour and clothing of our time and watch weaponery displays (weather dependent). Learn about the battle of Torrington and witness the shocking punishments meted out to criminals. Visit the Barber Surgeon, who will enthusiastically demonstrate his treatments for the ailments of our time, but beware the Witchfinder, he will root out any witches in your group.

We also cover the Great Fire of London and 17th century lifestyle and toys for younger year groups and History of Medicine at GCSE and GCSE Revision level.

Please see our Education and Your Visit pages for information on visits to Torrington 1646 and also information on our schools outreach team.

Torrington 1646 is also available for Twinning Associations, coach bookings and large group bookings. Please see our Groups page for details.

We also have our Cafe @ 1646 which is open to the public all year round. Please see our Cafe page for details.

* Please note that Torrington 1646 is no longer operating as a tourist attraction for the general public.